"I was so excited to start my new job in the U.S - my boss
was happy and can't wait to have me back next season!"

Luis Enrique C.

Worker Information
  • Full Name:
    Luis Enrique C.

  • Age:

  • Gender:

  • What country are you from?

  • What state are you from?

  • Drivers License?:

  • Do you have a U.S. commercial truck driving drivers license?:

  • Ever been a supervisor or foreman of a group?:

  • How much English do you speak?:

  • Have you ever been in the U.S. illegally?:

Job Duties & Experience
  • Currently Working In:
    Agriculture, Contstruction, Seafood

  • Experience:
    1-5 years

  • Agriculture

  • Crops:
    Tomatoes, Tree Fruit, Potatoes

  • Other Crops:
    Maiz y haba

  • Lawn and Landscaping

  • Job duties you can perform:
    Plant flowers, trees or shrubs, Prune trees and shrubs, Mow grass

  • Equipment do you know how to use:
    Weed Eater (Guiro), Forklift / Dingo, Irrigation Equipment, Shovels and Picks

  • Construction

  • What type of Construction Work:
    General labor, Brick, Block or Stone (Masonry), Painting, Weld / Pipe fitting

  • What type of Equipment:
    Handsaw, Hammer, Drill, Wheel barrow, Shovel and Pick, Putty knife, Exacto knife, Staple gun, Screwdriver, Jackhammer, Scaffolding and Ladders

  • Seafood

  • What job duties can you perform:
    Fish Processor, Shellfish Processor (crawfish, crab), Fish Packer, Fillet Trimmer, Commercial Fishing

  • What type of equipment do you know how to use:
    Deboning Knives, Meat Cleavers, Butcher Knives, Commercial Fishing Boat