Farmworkers and Laborers-H-300-21362-789246

Job Duties

Workers will perform assigned duties as instructed by their supervisor. Duties may vary from time to time and may include all of the following job specifications: Employee Badge: At the beginning of the employment period, each worker will be assigned an employee badge for identification and payroll purposes. The worker will be required to keep the badge throughout his/her employment period and must have the badge in possession at all times while working. The worker will present their badge to the Supervisor at the beginning and end of each workday, and from time to time throughout the workday, for payroll purposes. The employer will provide the worker with the badge free of charge. Irrigation Installation, Maintenance and Removal: Connecting, Maintaining and installing irrigation (poly) lines at various points in fields for irrigation practices of crops. Removal of irrigation (poly) lines and connections at end of crop season. This task will include shovel work as needed. Lay Plastic (Drip): Workers are required to load 75 to 80 lbs. rolls of plastic and drip tape rolls weighing approximately 50lbs on to machinery and ride on the back of machinery to ensure rolls are distributed evenly on beds of dirt. Worker is required to ride fertilizer wagon and use a shovel to make sure there is no clogging of fertilizer at distribution. Shoveling also includes across row to allow drainage to occur. Clean up of drip and plastic scraps, paper and wood. Worker is required to remove casing when rolls of plastic and drip tape have emptied and repeat process. Plastic machine riders have other tasks required to lay plastic such as: bed pressing, clean out fertilizer hoppers, painting numbers and measuring row lengths. Pile and burn or load on wagon for disposal. Plastic Repair: Repairs are to be made to plastic and splices as necessary throughout field. Pull Plastic: With both hands, grab all plastic and drip tape; remove it from the plant beds or field. Gathering plastic and drip tape to the ends of the field and/or walkways. Repeat process throughout entire field. Plastic Load / Haul: Pick up bails of plastic and load onto truck to be delivered and then unloaded at the designated drop off area. Units covered will be divided by number of workers on the crew times the pay rate. Planting: Loading and unloading of plant trays from plant delivery boxes to planting machine, unloading empty trays from planter back onto plant boxes. Riding on plant machine and placing one plant into each hole made by plant machine and gathering soil to fill in space around the plant with soil using hand. Walking also behind planting machine placing a plant in hold that was missed and also filling in the hole with soil by using hand. Removing plants at walkways. Units covered will be divided by number of workers on the crew times the pay rate. Replanting: When needed, replanting will require employee to carry trays that weigh 1 -5lbs into field to replace injured or dead plants in field rows. Staking: Using both hands gathering bundles of stakes from bed of field truck and carrying to place a tomato stake between each tomato plant. Each stake must remain upright. Repeat process through entire rows and field. Once the first procedure is performed by an air hammer system being pulled by a tractor, the worker places an air hammer over the stake to drive in the stake 12" - 14" into the ground. If using manual hammers, worker must place opening over stake and pound stake into the ground also 12" - 14". Units covered will be divided by the number of workers on the crew times the pay rate. This task will include clean up and removal of broken stakes as needed.

Job Details
  • Visa Program:  H-2A
  • Industry:   Agriculture 
  • Full Time:  Yes
  • Part Time:  No
  • Recruiting:  30
  • Experience Required:  Yes
  • Months of Experience Required:  1
  • Average Number of Hours Per Week:  36
  • Minimum Hourly Wage:  11.99
  • Any special requirements?:  The employer may conduct a drug/alcohol test post-employment at the employers expense.
  • Job Start:  March 01, 2022
  • Job End:  April 17, 2022
  • Job Case Number:  H-300-21362-789246
  • Name of Company:  Farm Op Kuzzens H2A, LLC (SD22)
  • Location:  St. Helena, SOUTH CAROLINA
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